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UI/UX & Interaction Tutoring

Welcome to the UI/UX & Interaction course tailored specifically for aspiring artists preparing to apply to art school degrees or designer jobs! In this course, we embark on an exciting journey that blends the realms of creativity and functionality, aiming to equip you with the essential skills to craft compelling user experiences that showcase your artistic and tech prowess.

Design Course Syllabus

In the dynamic landscape of digital design, the fusion of artistry and user experience is paramount. This course is carefully crafted to provide you with a solid foundation in UI/UX design principles, allowing you to elevate your portfolio and stand out in the competitive world of art school admissions. Whether you are a visual artist, a graphic designer, or an aspiring illustrator, this course is designed to complement your artistic skills with the ability to create visually stunning and user-friendly digital experiences.

Week 1-2: Introduction to UI/UX Design

  • Overview of UI/UX Design

  • Importance of User-Centered Design

  • Key Principles and Concepts

  • Historical Evolution of UI/UX Design

Week 3-4: Design Thinking

  • Understanding Design Thinking Process

  • Empathy and User Research

  • Ideation and Prototyping

  • Testing and Iteration

Week 5-6: User Research

  • Techniques for Conducting User Research

  • User Personas and Journey Maps

  • Card Sorting and Information Architecture

  • Usability Testing

Week 7-8: Interaction Design

  • Fundamentals of Interaction Design

  • Wireframing and Low-Fidelity Prototypes

  • Design Patterns and UI Components

  • Microinteractions and Feedback

Week 9-10: Visual Design

  • Basics of Visual Hierarchy

  • Color Theory and Typography

  • Iconography and Imagery

  • Style Guides and Design Systems

Week 11-12: UI/UX Tools and Software

  • Introduction to Design Tools (e.g., Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD)

  • Prototyping Tools

  • Collaboration in Design

  • Version Control for Design Files


Week 13-14: Responsive Design and Accessibility

  • Principles of Responsive Design

  • Mobile-first Design Approach

  • Accessibility Guidelines and Best Practices

  • Testing for Accessibility


Week 15: Final Project and Portfolio Development

  • Applying Concepts Learned in a Real-world Project

  • Refining and Presenting Final Designs

  • Building a UI/UX Design Portfolio

  • Career Opportunities in UI/UX Design

Coding Course Syllabus

Over 15 weeks, this course combines the essentials of front-end development with the exciting world of creative coding, offering a dynamic journey into the fusion of technology and artistic expression. Get ready to embark on a transformative journey at the intersection of technology and creativity!

Week 1-2: Introduction to Front-End Development

  • Overview of Front-End Technologies

  • Setting up Development Environment

  • Basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Week 3-4: Creative Coding Fundamentals

  • Introduction to Creative Coding

  • Exploring p5.js for Graphics and Animation

  • Integrating Creative Elements with HTML and CSS

Week 5-6: Interactive Web Design with JavaScript

  • DOM Manipulation and Events

  • Creating Interactive User Interfaces

  • Incorporating Animation and Transitions

Week 7-8: Advanced CSS Techniques

  • CSS Grid and Flexbox

  • Styling for Responsive Design

  • Creative Styling with CSS Variables

Week 9-10: Introduction to WebGL

  • Basics of 3D Graphics with Three.js

  • Creating Interactive 3D Scenes

  • Integrating WebGL with Front-End Development

Week 11-12: Front-End Frameworks for Creativity

  • Introduction to Creative-Focused Front-End Frameworks

  • Building Interactive Projects with React

  • Using Vue.js for Dynamic and Artistic Web Applications

Week 13-14: Data Visualization and Creative Infographics

  • Introduction to Data Visualization

  • Using D3.js for Data-driven Visualizations

  • Creative Infographics with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Week 15: Final Creative Coding Project

  • Applying Concepts Learned in a Real-world Creative Project

  • Showcasing Creative Coding and Front-End Development Skills

  • Building a Portfolio to Display Creative Works

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