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Counter Bar Projection Mapping Show

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Lin’gang International Innovation Center (LIIC) and FlyHigh Group have partnered to develop FlyTea Lounge in San Francisco, an all-purpose creative space that integrates virtual office services with networking and business events. This attractive and versatile space, located in the heart of San Francisco’s Financial District.


Based on the concepts of “Art, Tech, Innovation” I was assigned to design the Entrance and the Counter Bar Area to showcase a Technology Landscape of FlyTea.

425 Pacific Ave, San Francisco, CA

Bar Counter Projection Background


After measuring the background-size, I started to draft the space with several iterations. Use Amazon to purchase these materials is enough, such as Floating Board, Artificial Plants, Vase, etc.


Install Floating Boards and Projector.

It's much harder to install a projector mounting pole directly into the concrete if the space has no ceiling.


Placing object onto the shelf


​Connect the projector to a computer that runs AfterEffects, set the projector screen as the playback screen, then I can start drawing the content.

This is the final version of the counter bar background.

To summarize, it's a motion graphics project onto the counter wall.

Collaborate with another instagrammable wall artist's project in this space. I added a particle effect ambient light animation to this Wing and dance to it.



The Entrance has a wall with three windows that directly face the doorway, the client dislikes this looking and wants a design that can utilize the disadvantage, instead of replacing the whole wall directly. 

After a few days of struggles and research, I feel it's not about how to cover the ugly part, but add more windows to fake an Art Gallery looking.

I started to measure the dimension of the windows and then started to paint the wall and craft picture frame by going to Home Depot and purchasing some color paints, wood moldings, and some carpenter tools, like mounting tapes, nail guns and sawing machine.


The client wants to showcase this place to China's Lingang Government, so they want some SF elements. I chose this city skyline as the background and find a vender to make some transparent SF Silhouettes by cutting a giant acrylic board to the city contour shape.

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