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2021-2022 Work Sample

After FlyHigh Talent successfully tackled the Job Posting problem with its own platform, the company's creative drive only intensified. Recognizing the transformative potential of AI, our shareholders enthusiastically backed the development of a groundbreaking product. This innovative solution leverages AI algorithms to match jobs, replacing conventional headhunting methods. With our commitment to efficiency and fostering meaningful employer-candidate connections, we are thrilled to embark on this cutting-edge venture.



Figma, Adobe Creative Cloud



Contract Designer


Branding, UI/UX, Marketing Desginer

Product Development Planning

product process.png
IA map.png

IA Map



Branding & Visual Design

Our project stakeholders think it is critical for us to establish a definitive design direction and set the tone appropriately because, initially, our project prioritized UX rather than focusing on the UI.

We encountered a challenge where the 1st draft appeared overly simplistic and heavily influenced by LinkedIn and Indeed. Crafted polished visual designs to impress investors are needed.



Color Pattern

Asset 5-1.png


Font Family





Artboard 1_4x-100.jpg


Young & Fun


Job Seeker main page

Design Consideration

Problem Statement:

New users had a hard time deciding where are the filters and the job cards because our main objective was to craft a prototype that would impress investors with the product's remarkable AI capabilities. We spent less time on the mobile version layout.



This oversight resulted in significant visibility issues when users accessed the product on their mobile devices.


  • Keep consistency with the desktop version

  • The design approach makes front-end development easier, saving valuable time and effort during the implementation phase.


  • Cost too much space, not enough space for job cards


  • The thinner search bar saves space, allowing for a more streamlined and compact design.

  • The hide filter feature maximizes available space.

  • The bold strokes enhances the visual appeal, made the job cards stand out, especially on mobile devices.


  • Deviation from the original design may requiring familiarization with the new style.

AI job matching module

Communication Design

The current AI feature presents ease-of-use challenges for new users. The open Beta test revealed that most candidates find the numbers and icons in the panel confusing because they have no idea what those numbers and icons stand for.

1. The score generated from AI

  • What does that score mean?

  • What is the maximum score?

  • What if a candidate only gets a 9, he or she may mistakenly think that a 10 is the highest score.

2. The way that sorts the requirements and skills

Candidates not only want a score, but they also want to know why they are qualified or not.

Job application pipeline

Responsiveness & Mobile Optimization

This was an example from a rapid design prototype. Apparently, this progress bar doesn't fit in mobile.


Use Case of Applied Jobs page

Candidate Needs:

  • Check application state *

  • Sort application by state or date

  • With draw or archive applications



  • Save space for more job cards


  • Only display the candidate's current application state


  • Candidates can still understand where are they in the hiring pipeline


  • Uses a little bit more space

 Modular Auto-layout Component

It significantly improved efficiency after we switched to the Auto Layout component instead of manually controlling everything's position. It also benefits front-end development.

High Fidelity wireframes

Candidate Port

Employer Port

Interactive Prototype (mobile)

Apply job.gif

User Flow: Candidate applying jobs 


User Flow: Candidate editing profile

Promotional Video

What we learned

  • When you need to impress investors, UI can start as soon as UX started

  • Sometimes, team internal disputes can be fixed by consulting a few senior designers

Next Step

  • ​Conduct more use case discovery workshop

  • Fix all the UI issues in Prototype

  • Finalize the AI matching candidate feature in the Employer port

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