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Thesis Project

Smart interactive projection experience for Dancers


Projection dance performance is so attractive, both

to Audience and performer. However, making that

thing cost lots of money and times. Well, what if we

make it easier?


The visual effects need some designer and programmer spending tons of tons of time on designing, rendering,

and coding.


Using "Groov" is a smart and easy way to achieve that

goal. The user only needs to choose music and an effect, tweak with a few options for the effect, and then

the performance is ready to go.

Introducing "GROOV"

AKA Grooving Fragments

Concept Video

Watch Now

Prototyped in greenscreen using Adobe AfterEffects. In order to get the ideal visual for dancer.

Actual Project

(Computer generated graphics in Real-Time + Depth image detected by Kinect V1)