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FlyHigh Talent

2019-2020 Work Sample

FlyHigh Talent is a job platform that allows candidates to apply for jobs and recruiters can post their jobs with ease.

Adobe XD, Illustrator, AfterEffects


PM: Yidi Chang

UIUX: Shuhao Shang

​Contractor UIUX: Elena Shao

Role:UI/UX Designer & Marketing

Mainly contributed to UI design, and prototyping.

Helped ideation and usability studies. 

​Motion Graphics Production

The Sceens - Perspective PSD Mockup - by

Design Process



Existing Online Job Boards Research

Collect and create a popular function list through researched several current popular online job boards, such as Linkedin, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, AngelList, etc.


Head Hunting Field Expert

I interviewed some head hunters from FlyHigh Talent, the main problem they are facing is that they were using Indeed mainly to post jobs, and now Indeed changed their policy and banded head hunters' account. They need a new production tool instead of relying on others.


Candidate and Employers

By reaching out to some potential candidates and employer clients, I found that the key to increasing the employer customer loyalty is to have more solid candidates in stock. The candidates all convey a similar problem is that they really need a system to manage and show where they are in the whole job application process. However, most of the current job platforms are having so many complex features, sometimes the candidates have a hard time to find what they need.

Problem Statement

​FlyHigh Group is expanding fast, but the current model and platform limit its growth.


The recruiter team needs a job board system that allows them to post jobs because if we don't do that the recruiter team will have no place to post jobs as a head hunter.



Artboard 53@2x-20.jpg





Group colors.png



Information Architecture

Asset 3@4x.png

Candidate Port

Employer Port

Promotional Video

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