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Trance is a social video entertainment platform empowering dancers to record, promote and share their originally-created music videos.


I helped the team to redesign their new product, some of their screens that confused the user a lot. My responsibility is to make it an instant understanding when users reach to a certain screen.

Previous screens


The new product from Trance company is meant to target a large user group. The product is designed to engage more user into the dance world. This time Trance team not just serve dancers only, they are trying to help more people, so the users' needs will be more varied than their previous product.


The main function is using a dance video to lead the user to follow with, but those user interfaces and numbers are confused.

The progress bar is not the music timer, it's actually a progress for counting how many beats has the user achieved, when it fills to 100% means the user reaches 1 thousand beats, which is confused a lot. Also, the bright green progress bar looks inconsistent with their app's color pattern.

I started with sketching a big quantity of exploration to see the potentials and possibilities.

The horizontal progress bar stick with a song's name and an album pic definitely indicates it's a music timer. I even try to make a circular progress bar, but it took too much space on the screen.


While I was designing, they came up with a new idea called Goal mode, so the user can keep using it to reach the time goal that based on user's setting. I add a time goal indicator above the song progress bar that tells the user what goal they set up before. 


For the normal mode, I decrease the importance of counting the beats because the user will only focus on how many songs they have achieved. The music icon times a number above the song progress bar meaning how many songs they have completed. This idea came from some gaming experience. The song progress bar just like the health bar in game, and the number of the songs just like how many lives the player left.


The team felt happy with this result, and will use it for up coming development phase.

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